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The Golden Age

This pioneering music is specifically created to assist Unity Consciousness: for personal, planetary and collective healing at this exceedingly important time - entering 2012, The Golden Age. This time has been prophesised for thousands of years by saints, mystics and indigenous people all over the planet. It is a highly auspicious and incredibly positive time. Rajaju Music itself is fully and purely intended to facilitate the anchoring of light and sound into the body, assisting you on the path of your own ascension.

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Aeon (sample)

The Golden Age - A new dimension in spiritual consciousness and evolution. A rebalancing of masculine and feminine energy.

Trocadero (sample)

Trocadero is next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where many spirited freeform, skaters & musicians gather to express their creativity and joy.

Star Journey (sample)

A multidimensional journey into outer space through sound, light, voice and didjeridu. Astral travel to the outer reaches of the universe on a psychedelic, transformational healing journey.

Earth Song (sample)

A Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu inspired song, that honours Green Tara and the sound healing energy of liberation and compassion. This track is for the relief of suffering.

Diamond Dorje (sample)

"Dorje" represents the hardness, brilliance and clarity that the diamond shares with the moment of sudden awakening. it represents an indestructible state of enlightenment, and is a symbol of compassion.


Mother Earth, indigenous cultures of the world, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, cetaceans, the Universe and everything....

Special Thanks to: Aboriginal elders of Australia, for their generosity of spirit and deep wisdom. To the spirit of the land on which this music was recorded. Maxine Fumigalli, David Blanasi, Bob Randall and the spirit of Kanyini, Derek Nannup, Heath Bergensen, Djali Gunambarr, Andrew Guruwiwi, Gapanbulu Yunupingu, Markus Zehner, Willi Grimm, Stefan Arnold, Taj Burrow, Nancy and Vance Burrow, Jack McCoy, Sinclair Black, Rosco Stewart, David Rastovich & Surfers for Cetaceans, Maya Tiwari, Lotus Yoga Centre (Brisbane, QLD), Rod Hart, and our family and friends.

CD layout and Design: Jane Barnacle, Julian Silburn and Jeremy Phillips

Original cover design concept: Jane Barnacle

Photography of Rajaju: Gareth David


Singer: Jane Barnacle

Didjeridu: Julian Silburn

Recording Engineers: Markus Zehner: 'Aeon' at Breakaway Studios, Bern Switzerland. Vance Burrow: Dolphin Dance (Montaj), Star Journey, Nefertiti, Merkabah.

Rajaju Instrumentation on Earth Song: Julian Silburn: Didjeridu, djembe, damaru, Indonesian temple bells. Jane Barnacle: Vocals (Green Tara mantra), bass guitar. Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Allom at Bold Park Studios.

Additional instrumentation on Diamond Dorje: by Vickneswaran Ramakrishnan (Indian Tabla), and Balvinder Singh (Sitar and Serangi)

All songs written by Jane Barnacle & Julian Silburn (Rajaju).

All recordings ℗ 2012 Rajaju.

Artwork 2012 Rajaju.

℗ 2012 Rajaju Trocadero. Producer Saxon Piggott & Ralph Wirski