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The music of Rajaju is a new genre, creatively inspired by the elements of Voice, Clapsticks and Didjeridu found in the traditional Aboriginal Music of Australia. The use of Positive Intent, Sound, Vibration and Light make this music transformative and alchemical.

May you find great healing, joy and strength in this music. May it uplift and inspire you, rebalance and revitalise you, help you find peace and tranquillity in this World! Great Blessings and Enjoy! With love, Rajaju.


The Golden Age

Rajajuís first album is the result of a ten year musical Odyssey. Musical and Sound healing collaborations with aboriginals Australia wide have been integral to the development and transformational quality of the music.

The music was recorded at significant astrological alignments, based on their positive, healing potential for All-and for the Planet. Our music gives respect to, and is in tune with Sacred Earth Healing principles.

Rajaju releases their music at this extraordinarily important time of Awakening Human Consciousness on Planet Earth. It is to assist in raising and holding the conscious vibration both individually and collectively...which is why we say, that Rajaju Music is for Planetary Ascension.

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